Management Style

As defined by the Myers - Briggs profile, Wally is an ENFP 

E- Extroversion 

N- Intuition 

F- Feeling 

P- Perceiving

"Warmly enthusiastic, high - spirited, ingenious, imaginative. Able to do almost anything that interests them. Quick with a solution for any difficulty and ready to help anyone with a problem. Often rely on their ability to improvise instead of preparing in advance. Can usually find compelling reasons for whatever they want."

As analyzed by corporate psychologist , Mark Gammon: Wally is " Bright & Intelligent, Creative, Able to deal with abstract/ can visualize, Very goal and result oriented, Fast paced and Driven."

"San Diego Magazine named him 'Mr. Movies' and called him 'the hardest working man in San Diego show business"

"He has almost single handedly put the San Diego film community on the map."

      -Daily Variety

"To the hundreds of producers who need to film in an unusual location like San Diego, he is an industry giant." 

      -San Diego business Journal

"His work was instrumental in changing the community into an efficient industry that was later named the ' most efficient' film bureau in the country by a Senate Select Committee on the Motion Picture & Television Industry." 

      -Sales & Marketing Magazine

"Schlotter's personal management has been responsible, in good measure, for the success of the ( Film) Commission." 

      -Tom Blair "I on San Diego" 

       San Diego Magazine

"If God could do the tricks he can do.... he'd be a happy man." 

      -Director Richard Rush 

       The Stuntman.